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2015 ARA-ANC

【2015 ARA-ANC】Invitation from the Congress President of the 16th ARA-ANC

2015 ARA-ANC

Dear Colleagues:


     I would like to express my sincere welcome to all of you to participate in this 16th Asian Nephrology Conference (ANC). ANC is the direct descendant of the "Asian Colloquium in Nephrology" which has had great achievement during the past years. The purpose of this meeting is to extend the collaboration between the nephrologists in the Asian countries and to enhance the quality of care for our renal patients. The Asian Renal Association (ARA) was established for this purpose.

According to the 2014 annual report of USRDS, the prevalence and incidence of end stage renal disease (ESRD) in Taiwan are among the highest in the world. Among the top ten countries regarding the highest prevalence of ESRD, half are Asian countries. Moreover, most Asian countries reported a high prevalence of CKD. Therefore "Combating Kidney Disease" become a major work for Asian nephrologists.

The Taiwan Society of Nephrology has been working diligently to improve the quality of renal replacement therapy and CKD care. Since 1987, we have successfully implemented an evaluation program designed to assess not only the quality of the facilities in dialysis centers, but also the proficiency of the nephrologists and nurses who administer treatments. Since 1995, the Taiwan NHIB (National Health Insurance Bureau) has reimbursed all patients requiring dialysis therapy. The NHIB also reimbursed for pre-dialysis care since 2007, and early CKD care since 2011. As a result, both the number of patients and the centers performing CKD care in Taiwan have increased consistently with each passing year.

In this meeting, we have invited many distinguished speakers from all over the Asia. With a comprehensive array of Chinese cuisine, a variety of scenic areas and a vast collection of Chinese art to choose from and enjoy, your visit to Taiwan must be one of your most fruitful and memorable trips.




Hung-Chun Chen, MD, PhD. 
Congress President, 16th ARA-ANC.
President, Taiwan Society of Nephrology.

Venue: Garden Villa Hotel, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
Date: April 24-26, 2015.

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