Asian Renal Association


Asian population accounts for about half of the world. Many Asian countries repored a high prevalence of chronic kidney disease. Among the top ten countries regarding the prevalence of ESRD in USRDS, halh are Asian countries. Therefore, combating kidney diseases become a major task for Asian nephrologists.

Asian Renal Association (hereinafter referred to as the "ARA") is organized to support, promote and assist charitable and educational purposes. By way of illustration, and not by way of limitation, ARA’s purpose is to improve care of patients with kidney diseases in Asia, to upgrade teaching of nephrology and to promote research in Asia, and to facilitate and dissemination of nephrology knowledge.

Executive Committee 2016-2017

  • Honorary Consultants: Yasuhiko Tomino, Kriang Tunsanga
  • Past President: Hung-Chun Chen
  • President: Xueqing Yu
  • President Elect: Lina Choong
  • Secretary General: Jer-Ming Chang
  • Treasurer: Chi-Chih Hung